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resurecting this place

I dressed up so good today, i'm cross my camera is dying and I can't get a photo of this outfit- but here's what I wore today...
new shoes
new shoes- it's nice to look at your feet and see them encased in red and white polka dots (New Look- £9)
black turn up 3/4 length jeans (asda- £10)
shirt dress in a kind of 40's style pattern with oranges, browns and creams (Evans- £20)
red cardi with giant buttons and 3/4 length sleeves. (Evans- can't remember how much)

Gack! I do love clothes and i've been spending so much time trying to pretend I don't so I can avoid thinking about them. I want to go and buy more shoes from New Look so I can have multiple pairs to pick between, rather than one pair that I wear to death. I wish that £9 for a pair of shoes wasn't the sort of thing that sent my entire budget for the fortnight into a spiral. I wish that £20 for a dress wasn't the sort of thing that I had to borrow from my Mum and pay off week by week at like £2 or something.

One day i'll have no debts, a job with a graduate salary and maybe someone to help share the cost of running a house. When that day comes I will shop til I drop and have the best wardrobe ever. Until then, i'm just going to have to be a cut price carrie.
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