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I'm selling a bunch of stuff I bought from Torrid and found in my closet.

The majority of it is New with Tags and they all start at 99 cents, the shipping is reasonable too, no paying 10 bucks for a pair of jeans.

Some of the brands I have are:

Z Cavaricci
Old Navy
Paris Blues
Hello Kitty

I'm selling t-shirts, dressy shirts, capris, skorts, capris, high waters, skirts, dresses, shorts and then some.

The sizes range from 18-26 in bottoms and 1x-3x in tops, but the waist measurements vary by designer so you may find something for you thats higher or lower than those sizes.

Good luck and happy bidding!

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I dressed up so good today, i'm cross my camera is dying and I can't get a photo of this outfit- but here's what I wore today...
new shoes
new shoes- it's nice to look at your feet and see them encased in red and white polka dots (New Look- £9)
black turn up 3/4 length jeans (asda- £10)
shirt dress in a kind of 40's style pattern with oranges, browns and creams (Evans- £20)
red cardi with giant buttons and 3/4 length sleeves. (Evans- can't remember how much)

Gack! I do love clothes and i've been spending so much time trying to pretend I don't so I can avoid thinking about them. I want to go and buy more shoes from New Look so I can have multiple pairs to pick between, rather than one pair that I wear to death. I wish that £9 for a pair of shoes wasn't the sort of thing that sent my entire budget for the fortnight into a spiral. I wish that £20 for a dress wasn't the sort of thing that I had to borrow from my Mum and pay off week by week at like £2 or something.

One day i'll have no debts, a job with a graduate salary and maybe someone to help share the cost of running a house. When that day comes I will shop til I drop and have the best wardrobe ever. Until then, i'm just going to have to be a cut price carrie.
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LEI, Mudd, Tommy, Z Cavaricci, Paris blues, Papaya, etc.

Hey I have stuff on ebay. Lots of name brand stuff Tommy, Z Cavaricci, Torrid, Zana Di, Paris Blues, Papaya, Angels, Mudd, LEI... etc the sizes range A LOT. The pic under the cut with all the sizes next tot he pictures. Oh and I am also selling some Anne Rice books.

Everything starts at .99. If you want more info on any of the stuff just let me know. Both pic and link is inder then cut.

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