ingenious (crunchcandy) wrote in cutpricecarries,

cross posting hussy

As part of my tidy house policy I have these shoes to get rid of...
They are all size 7-8 (UK sizing) and apart from the sparkly ones (which are silver in real life) they have very rarely been worn. The black ones have never been worn- I just got them because i thought I needed sensible shoes for work, and promptly got a job where I might as well wear wellies, the sparkly silver shoes have been much loved and the insides are worn but they still sparkle- I just very rarely am able to stand in them without falling over. The tan and black shoes were bought for a wedding- they've barely been worn but are very comfy and if I could think of a use for them i'd wear them again. The uber pointy faux suede shoes have never been worn...I was just having a moment I think...
Make an offer/trade/cold hard cash and i'll send them out into the world too you...
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