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SALE prices - save at least a buck on everything!!

SALE!!! (x-posted from curvyexchange)

I need money for textbooks ASAP!! I'm knocking down the prices on EVERYTHING: shoes, jeans, shirts, dresses and more... There's vintage stuff, lightly worn stuff, and brand new stuff.. (I'm a clothes junky, yo!) Clothes are sized 14 - 24. Shoes are size 6 1/2 (with one pair of size 9).

I have shoes as low as $3 a pair, jeans for $6, shirts from $2, and even a free tank top if you want it!!

Shipping on all items (except shoes) is $4.50 for next day priority mail shipping. I'm impatient and prefer priority mail for the high speed but if you don't want priority 2 day shipping, I can send stuff first class to save you cash. Paypal is preferred, but I also take personal checks, money orders, and cleverly concealed cash (at your own risk!). If a price seems too high, make an offer!!! All prices are negotiable!

Item #018 - $12 NOW ONLY $9!! + shipping

Birch Creek Clothing Company, size Large
85% Acrylic, 15% wool
Orange Knit double zip hoodie. Zips up from bottom and down from top.

length - 23 inches from collar to hem
bust - 46 - 58 inch (stretched)
sleeves - 21 inch.

This is knit so it has a lot of give. I love this sweater, it's totally cute, just a little bit too big for me! :c(


Item #019 - $5 NOW ONLY $3!! + shipping

Bizarre vintage find of the week:
Black Lace Crotchless Panties!!!
(how strange, eh?)
No size, but comfortably stretched they'll fit a 40 inch waist. Too small for me, I'm afraid but that's probably just as well...


Item #020 - $7 NOW ONLY $5!! + shipping

Vintage DIESEL super shirt (that's what the tag says!)
Size medium-ish
This is a supersoft mocha brown dress shirt. It's filled and beautiful! Made in Italy! It's too small for me! :c(

length - 29 inches
bust - 42 - 46 inch (stretch)

Perfect MINT condition!


Item #021 - $7 (OBO) + shipping

Oh yeah!
Vintage JORDACHE black satin jacket, for you ladies who wanna be rocking the 80's. Red, white, yellow stripe across chest, red stripe down arm. No snags or pills. Great shape!! No size listed..

length - 27 inches
bust - 46 - 50 inch (stretch)

Better hurry and snag this one up because I'm considering keeping it for myself...



item # 007 - $8 NOW ONLY $6.50!!

L.E.I. plus size jeans - size 24 - stretch denim
worn 3 or 4 times, tops, flaw in fabric, see pic - it's really not that noticable when you are wearing it but it depends on how picky you are...

measurements -
waist - 45 - 49 inch (stretched)
inseam - 27.5 inches
waist to crotch - 12 inches (low cut)
pant bottom - 10 inches wide


item #008 - $8 NOW ONLY $6!!

ZENA Jeans - Stretch Denim Capris - size 18W
worn 10 times or less, flaw on left left, line across fabric, hardly noticable when worn

measurements -
waist - 42 - 45 inch (stretched)
inseam - 25 inches
cuff - 4 inches


item #009 - $15 NOW ONLY $12!!

( pic #2 & pic #3 )

Size 18 W - Black Lace Overlay Goth-Style Gown

Purchased new for NY2001 for $40 on sale, worn twice, been hanging in my closet ever since, doesn't fit me anymore so now it has to go... :c( This is a great dress and it's versatile! It has a black lace overlay and a satiny black underlay. Both are floor length (well if you're my height) but what's cool to do is pin up the underlay so it falls about midthigh, then let the overlay hang to the floor! that's what i did the second time i wore it and it was HOTTT!

measurements -
length - 50 inches from back of neck to hem
bust - 48 inch, has some give


item #010 - $5 NOW ONLY $3!!

( pic #2 )

Brown Velvet Magic Dress

Seriously, this dress is magic! I bought it at a thrift store and when I tried it on, I was like "Damn! You look fine!" So I bought it! Sure, I forgot it was in my closet and never wore it other than that one magickal day but still! It'll work wonders for you, I know it! ;c) It's soft and velvety and the lovely people will be all over you wanting to touch it (like they aren't already!)

measurements -
length - 29 inches back of neck to hem (it's a shorty)
bust - 44 - 52 inch (stretched)


item #011 - $15 (obo) p.s.

( pic #2, pic #3, & pic #4 )

Cherry Red Dress with Black Velvet Glitter Sheer Overlay

New, with tags! Never worn!

I'm really pissed about selling this one! See, I bought it a few months ago thinking "Damn that is a hot mama dress!" Then I lost some weight and now it's too big and lord knows I don't have time to sew. So I'll see if anyone here wants to try it!

measurements -
bust - 50 - 54 inch (stretched)
length - 51 inches

*** PENDING ***


item #001 - $8 NOW ONLY $7!!

Venezia flare jeans, size 22, lightly worn, nice cut! great condition
waist - 46 inches
crotch to hem length - 29 inches


item #003 - $2 NOW FREE!!! seriously. you pay shipping.

Faded Glory size L tank top, ribbed.
16 inch length
20 - 28 inch bust (doubled)
Worn but in good shape.


item #005 - $5 NOW ONLY $4!!

Speed Limit NYC Chocolate Brown Hippy Shirt - size 2x
embroidered details by sleeves and around collar. The sleeves are awesome, they hang in a flowy way. 3 inch tall slits on bottom sides of shirts - worn only a couple times


item #006 - $5 NOW ONLY $2!!

Man, the pictures I'm getting of this make it look pretty ugly... it's really not! It's loud, yes, but it's not going to make small children cry, I promise! This is a sheer transparent shirt in autumn colors (reds,oranges,browns) It's great as a bathing suit coverup or be daring and wear a lacy bra underneath it!

length - 30 inches
bust - 24 inches - not much give either so you know (doubled)


All shoes are size 6 1/2, unless otherwise stated. Shipping is $5.50 per pair U.S.P.S. priority mail. I can send them slower and cheaper, if you request it. If a price seems to high, make an offer!!!

Item #013 - $7 NOW ONLY $6!!

L.E.I. chunky brown double buckle. 3 inch heel. worn a couple times to school

Item #014 - $5 NOW ONLY $3!!

Formula X Silver & Black slip on sandals - kind of spice girls looking shoes - 4 1/2 inch heel! Used, but not abused.

Item #015 - $5 NOW ONLY $3!!

Brown Prima Royale dress shoes, w/ laces. 2 inch chunky heel. Scuffs in front - just needs shoe polish. Used, but not abused.

Item #016 - $5 NOW ONLY $4!!

Predictions, tan heeless sneaks, size 9, paid $15, worn twice

Item #017 - $4 NOW ONLY $3!!

Blue Asphalt sneaks, New, Without tags. Blue & White stars. No laces

Item #023 - $4 NOW ONLY $3!!

Zodiac black 3 inch chunky heel dress shoes, worn, scuffs in front of shoe.

Item #024 - $6 + shipping

New, W/ tags. Black Fioni wedge slide on's, original price reads $14.99

Item #025 - $6 NOW ONLY $5!!

Route 66 brown sandals, New, no tags, 2 1/2 inch heel

Item #026 - $5 NOW ONLY $4!!

Your basic black sandal, no brand shown, 2 inch heel, worn a few times, great shape! great shoes!

Leave a comment here if you want to buy something. first come, first served. Right, any questions? just ask!!
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